Edmonton LRT Valley Line Project Update

The Valley Line LRT is a 27 km low-floor, urban line that will run from Mill Woods to Lewis Farms, crossing through Downtown. The Valley Line will be built in multiple stages, with the 13 km southeast portion being built first.

Phase one of the Valley Line will run from Downtown to Mill Woods, and will feature:

  • 11 street-level stops.
  • An elevated station with a 1,400-spot Park and Ride facility and a full transit centre located in the Wagner industrial area.
  • The new Tawatinâ Bridge across North Saskatchewan River.
  • A short tunnel from the north face of the River Valley through to the Quarters redevelopment.
  • An interchange point at Churchill Square to access the existing Metro and Capital LRT lines.

Construction will begin this year, with the line scheduled to open to the public by the end of 2020.


More info: www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/valley-line-lrt-mill-woods-to-lewis-farms.aspx

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