Light of Life Christian Ministry

Evangelism-preaching and promulgation of the Gospel; Weekly Sunday Worship Services-to reach out to the community surrounding the church and share the gospel; Sunday School-help children/students to come to know, love and follow Jesus, basic teaching of Christian faith, bible studies and understanding about what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus; Bible Study-the purpose of bible study is deep transformation through interaction with God’s word and one another, to draw people intimately to our Lord and receive the gift of God’s grace in their lives, have fellowship with one another, and learn to disciple and share the gospel. Men’s Fellowship is to reveal Jesus Christ to all men in order that God’s kingdom will be manifested tangibly in their lives, to sharpen and strengthen men through God’s word, fellowship, encouragement and support. Women Fellowship is dedicated to glorifying God by bringing women into a more intimate relationship with Jesus as Lord and savior, equipping them with spiritual morals and values. Youth Fellowship-to bring youth together as a group, teach and lead them in becoming mature Christians through the word of God, equip them with life and leadership skills and have intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Couples Fellowship-bringing couples to a strong faith based, empower and nurture them through the word of God and that will be their foundation for building a God honoring marriage and family relationships. And Family Camp