Jaffray Center

We are pleased to be the partner with Jaffray Center to hold ” Intercultural Competency Training” in our center

Overview of the training

The Intercultural Competency Training is designed to help participants evaluate their current intercultural skills as they interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. The training then aids in moving participants to higher levels of intercultural awareness and skill.

A key component of the training is the Intercultural Development Inventory ( IDI) which is an online assessment tool used by government agencies, business organizations, and the non-profit sector to help evaluate intercultural competency. Other portions of the training program include online tutorials to help develop intercultural skills.

Purpose of the Training

The Intercultural Competency Training will aid church planters, pastors, and key leaders in interacting effectively with people from various cultures whether it be in evangelism, team meetings, or in various church settings.

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